Matthew Bason – 21 December 2023
Thank you for a great evening of music, fun and hospitality. Always a pleasure performing here.

Simon Woodley – 16 November 2023
What a wonderful evening! I have been made to feel so welcome by this evening’s audience. Long may your excellent club continue.

David Last – 19 October 2023
Thanks again to a fantastic audience who make the evening very special – and to the hard workers behind the scenes.

Andrew Nix – 21 September 2023
Always a great, welcoming crowd – and tonight was no different! Loved every minute. Thanks to everyone.

Phil Brown – 17 August 2023
An absolutely fantastic night – I really enjotyed every minute. Fantastic audience! Looking forward to next time.

David Harrild – 20 July 2023
What an amazing crowd! Thank you all for supporting your lovely Club. You are so kind. Hope to see you again sometime in the future.

Pete Shaw – 15 June 2023
What a great night I had here at Weyhill ! Always a lovely friendly audience. I look forward to playing for you all again in the future.

Chris Stanbury – 18 May 2023
As always, it’s been an absolute delight to play for such a friendly, enthusiastic audience.
Thank you so much for the invitation.  I enjoyed every minute!  Keep up the good work.

David Thomas – 20 April 2023
Always a pleasure to come back to Weyhill and play for you. A great team and lovely crowd. Here’s to the next time.

Jamyma Hanson – 16 March 2023
It has been such an enjoyable first visit to Weyhill.  Thank you for making me welcome and to the audience for their support.  I look forward to returning again soon!
Michael Wooldridge – 16 March 2023  
Evenings at Weyhill are always special but tonight was extra special, being in the audience to enjoy Jamyma’s playing and then sharing some piano music and duets.  A lovely night

Steve Hubble – 16 February 2023  
Yet another fabulous night at wonderful Weyhill.  What a great audience – and nice to see so many too!  Hope to see you all again soon.

Nicholas Martin – 15 December 2022  
What a truly great night!  My 11th visit.  Congratulations to the Committee on running a first-rate society.  Merry Christmas everyone.  

Chris Jones – 17 November 2022    
Lovely surprise to be invited back so soon.  The most amazing audience – a pleasure to play and sing for.  Thank you all.   

Daniel Watt – 20 October 2022  
Brilliant to see a full house back at the club enjoying the music.  This has always been one of the best clubs and still is!  Another great night.

Ian Griffin – 15 September 2022 
Well, doesn’t time fly!  I’ve lost count of the many happy hours I’ve played at this super venue, with the addition of having a wonderfully-run club. It’s a pleasure to be back since my previous visit in 2018.  Very best wishes as always.

Lewis Scott – 18 August 2022 
My first concert here – and I really enjoyed it (but not the traffic on the A34!). Wonderful audience and I would love to be invited back.

Elizabeth Harrison – 21 July 2022
Always a joy to play at Weyhill – a wonderful audience as ever.  Thank you to the Team for all their hard work.Till the next time … hopefully not too long.

Tony Stace – 16 June 2022 
Lovely to see you all again.  I really enjoyed the evening.  Till the next time, all the very best.

Brett Wales – 19 May 2022
Many thanks for another great night – you made a Grandad very happy!

Chris Jones – 21 April 2022 
Lovely to be back.  Fantastic audience as usual.  Thank you to the Team – I hope you have a great year. 

Andrew Nix – 17 March 2022 
Absolutely fabulous evening!  As expected, a lovely enthusiastic crowd.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Simon Woodley – 17 February 2022 
Such a pleasure playing for the Weyhill EOS audience.  Excellent organisation – and I was made to feel ever so welcome.  Thanks for the invitation.

Michael Wooldridge – 20 January 2022 
Wonderful to be back playing for the superb Weyhill crowd – and a special treat to be in the company of drummer supreme, Gareth.  Here’s to the next time!
Gareth Thompson – 20 January 2022
So great to be playing for you.  Thank you for letting a drummer through your doors!

Steve Hubble – 16 December 2021
Great to be back at one of my favourite clubs.  Many congratulations on making such a successful restart in these strange times – I knew you could do it.  I hope you continue to go from strength to strength.  As always, a lovely audience.  Thank you so much for the invitation. 

Matthew Bason – 18 November 2021
Thank you for another great night!  Top organisation, great crowd, perfect evening.  Let’s do it again!

Phil Brown – 21 October 2021
Thank you so much for inviting me to your first concert after such a long break (due to the pandemic).  So pleased that you had such a good attendance – fantastic evening, I enjoyed every minu