Andrew Varley – 20 February 2020
I can’t believe it’s my seventh visit!  Once again, it’s been lovely to play for you.  Many thanks.

Steve Hubble – 16 January 2020
My fourth visit – all I can say is ‘Wow’!  Fantastic audience, venue and Team – what a wonderful evening!  I agree with previous comments – one of the best societies, if not the best.  I can’t wait for visit No.5.

Pete Shaw  – 19 December 2019
Once again, thank you for a fabulous night at Weyhill.  Thanks to the Team for running such a great Society.  Hope to see you all again soon.

Dave Smith – 21 November 2019
I always look forward to coming to Weyhill.  Again great lighting, great audience.  Looking forward to my next visit

DirkJan Ranzijn – 17 October 2019
The best club in the country!  What a night!  What an audience!  Love you all!

Tony Stace – 19 September 2019
As always, I enjoyed my visit to Weyhill again – one of the best!  Thank you for the invitation.  Best wishes to all.

Tim Flint – 15 August 2019
Thanks for a lovely welcome – I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Jean Martyn – 18 July 2019
After an awful eighteen months of losing my husband and my father, it’s a pleasure to return to the concert scene at Weyhill.  To all concerned my heartfelt thanks for the invitation to entertain you all.

Chris Stanbury – 20 June 2019
As always, you’ve been a fabulous crowd and given me such a lovely welcome.  I’m so glad you enjoyed my music – I certainly enjoyed playing for you.  Thank you, Weyhill – I hope to see you again soon.

Mark Thompson – 16 May 2019 
I agree with all of the other artistes that this is one of our favourite clubs to play for.  Thank you to the Team for all your help – and congratulations on such a well run club.  Always such a lovely appreciative audience here.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself once again.  My fifth visit here and I can’t wait for the sixth! 

Brett Wales – 18 April 2019
Once again a great night with one of my favourite clubs.  Always a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.  Many thanks for inviting me and I look forward to returning again soon.

Byron Jones – 21 March 2019 
To my dear friends – as always, a pleasure to play for you.  Keep up the good work. 

Michael Wooldridge – 21 February 2019 
What a great night!  Special thanks for showing the silent film and song slides to make it something special.  Here’s to the next time.

Matthew Bason – 17 January 2019 
Thank you once again for a fantastic evening.  Wonderful audience, venue and team – a pleasure and privilege to play for. 

Andrew Nix – 20 December 2018 
What a way to finish off my year – a brilliant audience and fantastic team!  Well done.

Nicholas Martin – 15 November 2019
A truly great night, as to be expected for the 200th concert; I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.  What a splendid atmosphere and a fabulous crowd … they thoroughly deserved me !!!  😉  Well done to the committee for keeping the Club running so superbly.  I hope to see you all soon – and here’s to the 300th! 

James Goff – 18 October 2018 
Still the best audience in the world!  Thanks for inviting me. 

Phil Brown – 20 September 2018
What can I say … another fantastic night!  I enjoyed playing for you so much.  All the very best and see you next time.

Ian House – 16 August 2018  
Fantastic evening, as ever!  Thanks for inviting me back – see you all again soon.  

David Thomas – 19 July 2018 
Thank you so much to all the Team for a wonderful night once again.  Here’s to next time. 

Daniel Watt  21 June 2018 
What an absolutely fantastic night!  This Club just gets better every time I play here.  I can’t wait to return.

Ian Griffin – 17 May 2018 
It’s a pleasure to return once again to such a lovely, well supported club – and, most importantly, with a great team to give it an ‘image’ that creates the special atmosphere. 

Chiho Sunamoto – 19 April 2018   This is my 8th visit.  Thank you to the Team for a wonderful job and thank you for inviting me back.  The audience was super – warm and friendly.  Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening. 

Chris Jones – 15 March 2018
My third visit to the fabulous Weyhill Club.  Thanks to the great team – a fantastic audience, as ever, and what brilliant voices you have.  Such an enjoyable night … Thank you all.  

Paul Carman – 15 February 2018  
There is very little that hasn’t already been said about the Club – so well run and you are made to feel so welcome from the moment you arrive.  A wonderful audience, as ever, and very open-minded to all types of music and presentation – quite simply an absolute pleasure to play for.  Thank you to the Team for all the hard work behind the scenes.

Steve Hubble –  18 January 2018 
My third visit and still such a lovely club and audience; it was a pleasure to play for you once again.  My first concert of 2018 – what a way to start my playing year!  Can’t wait for the next time! …..  

Chris Powell – 21 December 2017
Thank you to everyone for such a tremendous welcome once again.  My final concert of 2017 and the second time with a festive theme at Weyhill.  I had a ball!  Keep up the good work with what must surely be the ‘benchmark’ club in the UK today!   

Elizabeth Harrison – 16 November 2017
Thank you for inviting me again and thanks to all the volunteers who make a huge effort each month towards the Club’s operation.   I always look forward to my visits to Weyhill and hope it’s not too long before I return.  Thank you for a great night, as always.

DirkJan Ranzijn – 19 October 2017 
Well, what can I say?  It’s been absolutely wonderful again!  Keep up the good work.  All the best. 

Andrew Varley – 21 September 2017 
Once again, many thanks for inviting me to play for you.  It’s always a pleasure to see so many friendly and familiar faces.  

Alex Payler – 17 August 2017 
To the Team and the wonderful audience … tonight has been a pleasure and a joy!  You can be justly proud of everything you do and all you have achieved.  My thanks to you all.  P.S. However, I may need to return again – just to be sure! 😉

Mark Thompson – 20 July 2017 
Thank you very much for another lovely night at Weyhill.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself, as always here – friendly audience and brilliantly run club.  Long may it continue and hopefully I will see you all again soon. 

Brett Wales – 15 June 2017  
Many thanks for another great evening.  Such a fantastic club and always a pleasure to play for.  Happy 15th Anniversary – here’s to another 15 years! 

Pete Shaw – 18 May 2017  
Thanks for a great evening.  Once again a lovely audience and it’s always a pleasure to play for you.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon

Claudia Hirschfeld –  20 April 2017 
My visit to your Society was indeed an enjoyable occasion.  Thank you for spoiling me as always – I’d love to come back again, and again! 

Dave Smith – 16 March 2017 
It’s so nice to be back in Weyhill and I enjoy it so much.  A lovely audience – and I know about all the hard work the committee put in.  I look forward to the next time I’m here.

Michael Wooldridge – 16 February 2017 
Another joyous evening, as they always are here in Weyhill.  I hope it’s not too long until the next time.   

Tony Stace – 19 January 2017
Hello again.  Lovely crowd, good lot here.  Really enjoyed the evening.  

Nicholas Martin – 15 December 2016 
My ninth performance for the Club and, as ever, so very memorable once again.  What a wonderful atmosphere with a top-notch audience.  Congratulations to the committee on all the hard work they put in – the results speak for themselves.  I look forward, with baited breath, to my next appearance at Weyhill.  Grateful thanks for having me back.  

Andrew Nix – 17 November 2016  
Always a job to look forward to!  Many thanks for inviting me back.  The hard work you put into making it a pleasant evening for everyone is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Jean Martyn – 20 October 2016
Weyhill holds a special place for me and it’s been a pleasure to entertain you all.  Super audience and professional presentation, i.e. staging, lights and cameras.  Thank you for inviting me to a truly memorable occasion.  I’ll tell them about you at The Palace in December

Matthew Bason – 15 September 2016 
Everything about tonight was superb – the welcome, the organisation, assistance, staging, the lot … and such lovely people (some clubs should come here and learn from you).  Thank you for the invitation. 

Phil Brown – 18 August 2016 
Absolutely the best night I’ve ever had here … audience, committee and volunteers fantastic – and a standing ovation!  What more can I ask!  Thank you for inviting me back.

Penny Weedon – 21 July 2016
The ‘bad Penny’ has turned up again! – and why?  Because it’s always so lovely to come to WEOS.  Thank you for the invitation.  I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed your company.

Ian House – 16 June 2016 
What else is there to say other than ‘Thank You’.  Brilliant audience, brilliant organisation.  Thank you for inviting me again. 

James Goff – 19 May 2016
What a wonderful bunch of people! Coming here is not like work, so thank you all very much. I think I will buy a big bus and then I can take you with me to every concert I play!

Chiho Sunamoto – 21 April 2016
Concert No.7 !!! Thank you so much to the wonderful audience – they are happy and smile all the time. Looking forward to my next visit.

Kevin Grunill – 17 March 2016
Delighted to be back at Weyhill once again.  It’s always a pleasure to play for such a well organised society, not to mention one with such a warm and appreciative audience. The concerts at Weyhill are a real credit to everyone involved.  Long may you continue to entertain!

Chris Stanbury – 18 February 2016
Thanks so much for a wonderful evening.  Such a superb reception and genuine enthusiasm.  Please can I come back soon?!

Steve Hubble – 21 January 2016
My second visit – and a simply fabulous night once again.  Fantastic audience, great venue and such a professional team.  I hope my third visit comes around very soon. Thank you to you all.