Paul Carman – 17 December 2015
Amazing night!  Just what a club should be … not just about the instrument but about a group of music lovers out for a night’s entertainment.  I could play here every month!   

Daniel Watt – 19 November 2015
What a fantastic night!  Brilliant audience!  Playing for your Club reminds me why I do this job and why I love being on stage.  Keep up the great work.

DirkJan Ranzijn
 – 15 October 2015
That’s another one under the belt!  What an amazing evening it was!  Great club!!  Keep up the good work.  

Ian Griffin – 17 September 2015
Once again it’s a great pleasure to return and play to a great crowd and to work in a very professionally run club.  It’s worth travelling from Wales just for that.  

Brett Wales – 20 August 2015
Thanks to all the team for their hard work.  A great night with a lovely audience always make this job worthwhile – and that’s exactly what we had this evening.  A pleasure as ever to come back.  

David Thomas – 16 July 2015
Thanks to everyone for another great reception and for your enthusiasm.  You even laughed in the right places! Always a joy to perform at Weyhill.  All the best – and keep up the hard work.  

Chris Powell – 18 June 2015
Fantastic to be back again at one of my favourite venues.  Thank you to all concerned for another fabulous welcome and to the enthusiastic audience.  Here’s to the future at Weyhill – keep up the good work!  

Michael Wooldridge – 21 May 2015
Thanks for a great night – always a warm and enthusiastic audience.  Just a joy!  I hope it’s not too long until the next time.  

Claudia Hirschfeld – 16 April 2015
Thanks to the Society for the invitation – I would like to come back again.  

Andrew Varley – 19 March 2015
Great to be back!   Always a warm reception and responsive audience – nice to see so many people too. Nothing ‘sheepish’ about this club!  Hope to be back soon.   

Brian Hazelby – 19 February 2015
If every audience were like tonight’s, wouldn’t life be great!  

Nicholas Martin, BEM – 15 January 2015
My eighth visit to the last formed organ society in the UK.  As always, a great pleasure to perform at Weyhill.  It’s just great to see the Club still doing so well when so many others are not.  Continued success to all involved.   

Tony Stace – 18 December 2014
Enjoyed the evening very much – audience great, singing to all the songs.  Fantastic!  Hope to see you all soon. Happy Christmas!  

Robert Davies – 20 November 2014
Another fantastic evening – great audience, great venue.  Thanks to the Team.  I hope you are all here for many years to come.  Here’s to the next time!  Best regards.  

Jean Martyn – 16 October 2014
It’s a pleasure to return to The Lights theatre again and lovely to work with Victoria.  I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.  God Bless.
Victoria Yellop – 16 October 2014
What a privilege!  Thank you for asking me to work at The Lights theatre with the lovely Jean Martyn.  I’ve had a brilliant evening and wish you all the very best.  Hopefully we shall meet again.

David Last – 18 September 2014
Thank you so much for another extremely enjoyable evening.  It’s always a great pleasure to play at Weyhill.  

Chiho Sunamoto –  21 August 2014
Thank you very much for all your fantastic work and hospitality.  I always love playing here.     

Andrew Nix – 17 July 2014  
An absolute delight to be back here playing for a truly fantastic audience!  I really enjoyed every minute and appreciated the lovely welcome from your superb team.  Keep up the good work!!!     

Penny Weedon – 19 June 2014  
A double treat for me – to be performing a concert again after such a long break – and to be doing it for YOU.   You make us players feel so welcome, relaxed and happy.  If you enjoyed the evening (as I hope you did) then we all had fun … and boy – can you all sing!    

Mark Thompson – 15 May 2014  
Thank you all once more for such a warm welcome.  Definitely one of the best audiences around and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting again.  All the best for the future and I hope to see you all again soon.    

John Mann – 17 April 2014  
So glad to have been invited back again to Andover to play for the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society.  A super audience with lots of music and laughs.  My colleagues and I have enjoyed performing this show.  Let’s hope we can do it all again sometime. 
Sarah Bryant – 17 April 2014  
Thank you for such a lovely warm welcome – and it’s been a pleasure sharing the stage with my dear friend, John.

Dave Smith – 20 March 2014  
Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to all at the Society.  It is such a pleasure to play for such a fantastic crowd.  Complete with backdrop, lighting, cameras and projector, they turn an ordinary hall into a professional ‘theatre’.  Looking forward to a return visit.      

Elizabeth Harrison – 20 February 2014  
I’ve been here in snow, boiling hot sunshine … now floods!  Always a pleasure to entertain such a warm friendly audience in a superb venue.  All the best for the future – hope to see you again soon.     

Chris Jones – 16 January 2014  
Great to see and play for you all again.  Brilliant audience as usual.  Keep it up!  Best wishes.

DirkJan Ranzijn – 19 December 2013  
What a fab evening … and I am so honoured with the gift.  God bless you all.    

Phil Brown – 21 November 2013  
Once more a fantastic audience – really enjoyed playing for you again.  Best wishes.    

Tim Flint – 17 October 2013  
Thanks for a great night – as always!    

Rosalie Birchmore – 17 October 2013  
Very impressed with all the help received.  We had a great night.    

James Goff – 19 September 2013    
The best bunch of people – ever!  Can I come back next week please?  Thank you to you all.    

Robert Bartha – 14 September 2013  
I had a great evening, with a wonderful audience and team around me.  Thank you – and hopefully see you next time.

Brett Wales – 15 August 2013
A great night as always in Weyhill.  Thanks for making me so welcome.    

Byron Jones – 18 July 2013  
To everyone concerned, thanks for a great night.  Fantastic audience and committee.  Thanks a million.  Keep up the great work.    

Nicholas Martin – 20 June 2013   
I had a great time with you again.  Every success for the future to the UK’s most popular (and most recently formed) organ society.  Certainly a crowd ‘to die for’!  What a long way we’ve all come since that opening night in July 2002 (I was only sixteen then!!!).    

Ian House – 16 May 2013  
You never disappoint!  Thanks for the warm welcome – see you all again soon!    

Claudia Hirschfeld – 18 April 2013  
Always a nice experience to play for my friends of Weyhill Electronic Organ Society.  I will come back again – and again!  Musically yours.

Kevin Grunill – 21 March 2013  
Good to be back at Weyhill again.  Always an enjoyable night with an appreciative audience.  Many thanks for the invitation to perform some of my favourite music for you.  All best wishes to everyone involved.    

Chris Powell – 21 February 2013  
What a fantastic crowd!  Wow – electric!  Thanks to all concerned for another superb night.  A wonderful club and full of enthusiasm!  Keep up the good work.      

Steve Hubble – 17 January 2013  
I had heard what a great club Weyhill is – and it was all true!  Fantastic club, fantastic audience, great stage lighting, fabulous committee and volunteers – and everything was so professional.  It really was an absolute pleasure to play for you and I hope to return soon.  I wish that all clubs were run to the same standard, but sadly they are not.  

David Thomas – 20 December 2012  
Always a joy to come back to Weyhill – such a great set-up and crowd.  This time proved to be no exception!  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.  Here’s to next time!    

Alex Payler – 22 November 2012  
What can I say!  Your club never fails to impress me – and the audience were just wonderful.  It was a pleasure to perform for you once more.  Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon!  All the best.     

Michael Wooldridge – 18 October 2012  
What an enjoyable evening!  Such a joy to play to a full house at The Lights Theatre – and with such talented performers sharing the stage.  Let’s hope it’s not too long until the next time!
Chris Stanbury – 18 October 2012  
Such a delightful time!  Thank you very much for a lovely evening at The Lights Theatre.  Let’s do it again soon! 
Sue Stockley – 18 October 2012  
What a wonderful evening!  Superbly organised and a real pleasure to perform for such an appreciative audience.
Gareth Thompson – 18 October 2012  
What a great night!  Wonderful audience and a very warm welcome from the Society.  Thank you so much for booking me – it’s been a real delight.

Michael McAneny – 20 September 2012  
There aren’t many clubs like this one – brilliant work by all involved.  One of the best!  Thank you.    

David Harrild – 16 August 2012  
Wow!  What a fabulous night!  I had one of the best nights EVER!  Thank you all very much.  I look forward to seeing you all again sometime.  Best wishes.    

Ben Scott-Hyde – 19 July 2012  
A lovely evening and a lovely reception.  I look forward to playing for your club again.    

Daniel Watt – 21 June 2012  
Another great audience, as always.  The Society gets better every time I come to play here.  Keep up the great work.

Matthew Bason – 17 May 2012  
A true pleasure to play for you.  A very professional set-up and a genuine, friendly audience.  It was an absolute joy to perform at Weyhill … you have all set the standard for organ societies.  Long may you continue to thrive.  Best wishes.     

Chiho Sunamoto – 19 April 2012  
I really enjoyed the evening – thank you.  It was nice to return as a duo … a wonderful setting!
Jon Smith – 19 April 2012   I have to agree with Chiho’s comments!  It was an absolute delight and pleasure to perform for you … an amazing evening!   

Elizabeth Harrison – 15 March 2012  
If only all the clubs were so helpful and organised ….. Many thanks to everyone involved – it is always a pleasure to come to Weyhill.  Every success for the future and I look forward to seeing you all again.  Keep up the good work.    

David Last – 16 February 2012  
Thank you very much to everybody at Weyhill for making it so enjoyable to present my concert.  Fantastic audience!  Best wishes.    

Chris Jones – 19 January 2012   
Thank you all so much for welcoming me back to your brilliant club.  Best audience ever!  Good wishes for 2012.    

Johannes Freitag – 15 December 2011  
It is, it was, and will ever be, one of the great thrills of my life to play for you.    

Dave Smith – 17 November 2011  
Thank you for inviting me – I was honoured to perform for the charity concert.  A great evening and a wonderful audience … I enjoyed myself so much.  I was impressed by the preparations and setting up at the venue.  Many thanks and I hope to see you all again soon.    

Ian Griffin – 20 October 2011  
Many thanks for your invitation to play in Weyhill once again, and good to see ‘organised’ people setting up.  Great to see you all again at a super Club.  Looking forward to seeing many of you in March 2012 at Music By The Sea.    

Tony Stace – 15 September 2011  
I loved the evening at The Lights.  Great venue, great audience … and great playing a duet show with my mate.  I always look slimmer when he’s about! 
Andrew Nix – 15 September 2011  
Thanks Tony!  What a brilliant night … a superb atmosphere at The Lights.  I loved every minute – even ‘taking the mickey’ out of my friend Tony.  At least he can take it … on the chins!!!  Special thanks to everyone who helped organise the event.    

Mark Thompson – 18 August 2011  
After my previous visit, I’ve been looking forward to this concert for a while … and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!  What a fantastic audience and a brilliantly run club!  Thank you for such a warm and friendly welcome – I can’t wait to visit again!  All the best for the future to all involved with the Club.    

David Ingley – 21 July 2011   
Thank you for the lovely warm reception on my first visit to your Society; I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Congratulations to the enthusiastic team on running such a terrific club at Weyhill.  Looking forward to the next time.    

Alastair Kiernan – 16 June 2011  
Thank you so much for making me welcome yet again.  Super club, lovely crowd – and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thanks to all involved.  Keep up the good work.  Hope to see you all again soon.    

Claudia Hirschfeld – 19 May 2011  
To all friends of the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society:  Thank you again for your invitation and such a warm welcome.  It is always a pleasure to play for you.

DirkJan Ranzijn – 14 April 2011  
Absolutely, totally … FAB !!!  What a fantastic night at The Lights !!  Will come back soon.    

Ian House – 17 March 2011  
Another great night in fantastic company!  Can’t wait for an opportunity to play for you all again.  Super club!    

Andrew Varley – 17 February 2011
Many thanks for inviting me to play for you once again.  It’s always wonderful to see a packed house and I hope everyone enjoyed my performance.    

Richard Bower – 20 January 2011  
Many thanks to everyone at Weyhill – yet another superb night.  Looking forward to seeing you all at ‘Music By The Sea’!  Best wishes, as always.