Tim Flint – 16 December 2010  
Great to see you all again.  Thanks for a super time.  Very best wishes.    

Ryan Edwards – 18 November 2010  
Another superb evening!  Congratulations on keeping such a high standard.  Very best wishes and continued success.    

Joanne Naulls – 21 October 2010  
What a treat to play for such a professionally run society.  Lovely audience and a great committee.  Well done, and long may your success continue.

Chris Powell – 16 September 2010  
Fantastic!  Our first time at The Lights theatre and first time playing together for the Society.  Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and it was great to see a capacity crowd too!  Thanks to all concerned … look forward to catching up again soon.
Brett Wales – 16 September 2010  
A beautiful venue (The Lights), a beautiful audience and a beautiful night for Chris and me.  Thanks to all involved.     

Nicholas Martin – 19 August 2010  
My sixth concert for the Society … the 100th Birthday concert.  What can be said about the Club that has not already been said?  It is the finest ‘organ/music’ group going!  Every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed in making sure everything works perfectly on the night.  Immense congratulations to all concerned in ‘flying the musical flag’ so superbly in Weyhill.  See you in 2018 for the 200th !!!    

Phil Brown – 15 July 2010  
Thank you for such a wonderful night on my second visit – you are probably the best organ society in England.  Your warm welcome was much appreciated and I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves.     

Kevin Grunill – 17 June 2010  
It’s been a great delight to visit Weyhill once again!  Great Society and great audience … what more could one want?  Congratulations to all concerned.  All my best wishes.    

Janet Dowsett – 20 May 2010  
Great atmosphere – lovely audience.  Thanks for all your efforts.  Best wishes.

Richard Monks – 15 April 2010  
A very enjoyable evening, wonderful audience and great venue – all very professional.  Continued future success!    

Paul Carman – 18 March 2010  
Without any doubt, one of the best clubs and crowds I have played for over the last thirty years.  Long may the Club continue and hopefully grow – you all deserve success.    

Jean Martyn – 5 March 2010   
Tonight has been a first!  Working with Penny was a dream come true!  All made possible by Weyhill Electronic Organ Society.  Thank you so much – hope we can do it again.
Penny Weedon – 5 March 2010  
At last – I got to play with darling Jean!  Thank you so much for making our idea into reality and for giving us such a warm welcome … in such splendid surroundings too (The Lights, Andover).    

Robert New – 18 February 2010  
Thank you for the superb hospitality, wonderful spirit – and not going home too early!  I had a wonderful time tonight, and the pleasure was all mine.    

Chris Stanbury – 21 January 2010  
Thank you for being such a lovely crowd – so supportive and friendly, and an absolute pleasure to play for.  

Elizabeth Harrison – 17 December 2009  
Many thanks for your warm and kind hospitality.  I hope you enjoyed the ‘moooosic’ as much as I enjoyed playing for ‘ewe’.  I really gave it some ‘welly’!    

David Last – 19 November 2009  
Many thanks to everybody at Weyhill for such a warm welcome and a gfastastic atmosphere once again.  Much appreciated.    

Jon Smith – 15 October 2009  
Well, I found the bar and from then on it was plain sailing!  It is always a delight to come to the Weyhill club, and especially to The Lights – a wonderful venue.  Now, over to the ‘boss’ …  
Chiho Sunamoto – 15 October 2009   We enjoyed the evening very much (especially the grand piano).  Thank you to everyone.  (Note: additional comments were written in Japanese!)   

Alex Payler – 17 September 2009  
Thank you.  It was my pleasure to perform for you again.  Such a warm, appreciative audience makes all the difference!  Look forward to seeing you all again.

Michael Wooldridge – 27 August 2009  
What a joyful evening!  Thanks everyone for another warm welcome, making for one of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had.  Here’s to the next time!

Chiho Sunamoto – 16 July 2009  
Thank you again for your welcome.  I was ‘melting’ during the performance … as were the audience!  Next time I’ll come in the winter.  Note: Jon was looking for the bar!    

John Mann – 3 July 2009  
What a wonderful evening here at The Lights Theatre!  It was a joy to have such a lovely venue and audience.  Till we meet again …
Iain Flitcroft – 3 July 2009  
Many thanks for a marvellous evening.  Great venue, great crowd – and the pleasure of working with a great friend.  Best wishes.    

Chris Jones – 18 June 2009  
Thank you all for such a lovely evening … one of the best societies I have played for.  Looking forward to playing for you all again soon.  Very best wishes.    

Tony Stace – 21 May 2009  
Hello – I’m here again and I’ve had a lovely evening.  I have been away for a week and played every night, but tonight was the most enjoyable!  I look forward to seeing everybody again … but not too soon, because Andrew needs some work as well!!  All the best.

David Thomas – 16 April 2009  
Many, many thanks for a great reception – always a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic guys and girls!  Here’s to the next time.

John Romero – 19 March 2009  
The Club deserves its fine reputation. It was a pleasure to play for such an excellent audience.  My best wishes to all – and may you continue to go from strength to strength

Daniel Watt – 19 February 2009  
Another great night with what must be one of the best – if not the best – organ societies in the UK.  You keep setting the bar so high, the others will have to try very hard to keep up.  All the best for the future.    

David Harrild – 15 January 2009  
You must be very proud of your Club!  Well done!  Thank you for a great response.  Best wishes to you all.

Jean Martin – 18 December 2008  
Oh, what a night!  Absolutely wonderful people.  Thank you all so much for your kindness – your applause and sharing my love of music.  God bless.    

Ian House – 20 November 2008  
What a great night!  I really enjoyed myself and I hope you enjoyed my playing.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the MBS Festival next March.

Richard Bower (Keyklix Klan) – 16 October 2008  
What a fab night!  Well done to everyone.  Many thanks.
Andy Oakley (Keyklix Klan) – 16 October 2008  
Thanks a lot to everyone for making such a great night.  The audience was one of the best.  Good luck for the future.  
Ian Griffin (Keyklix Klan) – 16 October 2008  
To all at Weyhill – lovely teamwork at ‘The Lights’ in Andover.  Great venue.  Best wishes.    

Craig James – 18 September 2008
My first time at Weyhill (you took your time – ha ha!).  I don’t think I’ve ever been so ‘excited’ about an organ society.  You are so wonderfully receptive, which makes performing so much easier.  Congratulations on your professional presentation.  Are you ‘excited’ as well? 

Sarah Foley – 21 August 2008
Wow!  What an amazing night!  I hope you all enjoyed listening to the music as much as I enjoyed playing it!  Great club with a fantastic audience … I hope to be back soon!

Andrew Varley – 17 July 2008
Many thanks, Weyhill … only one more thing needed to make it the perfect club … a bar! (only kidding – or am I?).  All the best.  P.S. Stop feeding that sheep!

Mark Thompson – 19 June 2008
Thank you very much for a most enjoyable evening!  Such a receptive and friendly organ society – making the six-hour drive all worthwhile!  One of the best! Hope to see you all again soon.

Paul McCulloch – 15 May 2008
Thanks for a great time.  The evening went as quick as a flash!  Many many thanks.

DirkJan Ranzijn – 17 April 2008  
Weyhill – what can I say?  What a crowd tonight! Wicked!  I love this club – love everything about it!  Stay cool!

Nicholas Martin – 20 March 2008   
My fifth concert for the Society … we now both go back a long way together!  Probably the most recently formed Organ Society but without question, the very best! Thanks for the invitation – a pleasure to play for you, as ever.  Best wishes for the future.

Johannes Freitag – 21 February 2008  
You can be proud of your organ society … it was a pleasure to play for you.  For me, one of the best concerts. 

Robert Davies – 17 January 2008   
Thank you for a warm welcome and making my visit to play for you very enjoyable.  A very well run club, lovely audience and a fantastic venue.  I wish you every sucess for the future and look forward to a return visit.

Andrew Nix – 20 December 2007  
Having waited so long for my firsappearance for WEOS, it was a great pleasure to play for your Christmas concert.  The crowd was superb and the team worked very hard with presentation and PR.  Excellent … well done!  Looking forward to making a return visit.  Many thanks.

Darrell Harvey – 15 November 2007   
I thoroughly enjoyed playing at your Club and thought the evening went extremely well.  Thank you for making me feel welcome – and I hope you enjoyed my choice of music.  Best wishes.

Claudia Hirschfeld – 18 October 2007   
‘Hi’ to everyone at the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society.  It was a real pleasure to perform for you at The Lights in Andover and to see not only a full house but also to meet such a lovely and appreciative audience.  I loved entertaining you. 

Brett Wales – 20 September 2007   
Best wishes to you all at the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society.

Chris Powell – 23 August 2007  
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my third visit to play for the Society!  As ever, a great crowd and so uplifting to have such an enthusiastic reception!  All good wishes to Terry and his team for their efforts at Weyhill and hope to see you all soon.  All best wishes for now.

Chiho Sunamoto – 19 July 2007  
I very much enjoyed my return visit to your Society.  The members and committee are so enthusiastic – a very pleasant experience.  Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 

Pete Shaw – 21 June 2007
What a pleasure it was to play for you. One of the warmest welcomes await you at Weyhill.  Great crowd and venue, along with professional camera facilities on stage, making for a great evening for everyone.  I look forward to visiting you again in the future.  Best Regards.

Tim Flint – 17 May 2007  
It was lovely to see everyone at Weyhill again.  Great presentation, brilliant atmosphere.  I look forward to the next time!  Best wishes.    

Penny Weedon – 19 April 2007  
Thank you for another lovely warm welcome.  When you ‘challenged’ me to play an entire programme of 60s music I wondered if I’d find enough good tunes – but you have introduced me to a super decade of music.  And yes – I was there at the time :-))  Lovely to see your hall full to bursting as usual.  Have a great year.  All the best.

Phil Brown – 15 March 2007   
Many thanks for inviting me to play for the first time at Weyhill. I had a fabulous time performing to a great audience and a great Society.  Long may you continue.  Here’s to the next time.

Chris Stanbury – 15 February 2007  
Another great night at WEOS!  Thanks so much for your hospitality – a great team and a lovely audience.  Hope to see you all again very soon.  Best wishes.

Ryan Edwards – 18 January 2007  
What a lovely Society – well run, well presented and a great atmosphere!  It was a pleasure to play for you again and I look forward to many more enjoyable concerts. Keep up the good work.

Byron Jones – 21 December 2006  
Well, what can I say that’s not been said before … but many thanks to you all.  Keep up the great work!  God bless.

Jon Smith – 16 November 2006  
Many thanks for making me so welcome at Weyhill; it was an absolute pleasure to play for you.  Everything was so well prepared … even the floral arrangements on stage … superb!  Congratulations … a great society and a lovely group of people.  Hope to see you again sometime in the not too distant future.  Thanks again.

Richard Bower (Keyklix) – 19 October 2006  
Thanks to everyone at WEOS for making our Keyklix show such an enjoyable one.  Looking forward to coming back soon.  In the mean time, enjoy your forthcoming concerts!  Here’s to the next time!
Ian Griffin (Keyklix) – 19 October 2006   
Wow!  What a response!  On our first visit to your Society we felt at home straight away – and more importantly, the audience made our night!  Well done!

Alex Payler – 21 September 2006   
Thanks for a truly amazing evening and memorable birthday!  It was my pleasure to play for such a great audience!  I wish you all the success with the Club in the future and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Alastair Kiernan – 17 August 2006  
A truly memorable evening!  Thanks to everyone involved – it has been a great pleasure and honour to play for the Society’s 50th concert.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Elizabeth Harrison – 20 July 2006  
It has been a great pleasure to travel from Lancashire to play for you all.  Many thanks for making my visit so memorable.  I feel sure the Club will go from strength to strength and I wish you every success for the future.  You are a truly happy Club – I’d love to be baaaa…ck with you soon!

Russell Holmes – 15 June 2006   
Many thanks for a great evening.  Thanks for your wonderful hospitality – really enjoyed my first visit.  All the best.

Tony Stace – 18 May 2006   
Thank you for being so kind.  I very much enjoyed playing for you and look forward to returning.  Best wishes.

Jean Martyn – 20 April 2006  
It was a privilege to entertain an audience like yours at Weyhill – super people.  Thank you all for your help, your kindness and being special!

Kevin Grunill – 16 March 2006  
Many thanks for making my first visit to Weyhill such a wonderful and enjoyable occasion.   I hope the audience enjoyed the evening half as much as I did.  All my best wishes.

Simon Smith – 16 February 2006  
A full house!  What a fantastic, appreciative audience and well organised club.  Many thanks.  

Daniel Watt – 19 January 2006  
Many, many thanks for one of the best evenings I have ever had. Your society now has to be counted as one of the best in the country. The whole organisation is just superb and the volunteers that help you prepare everything are so very helpful. With such a warm audience I feel certain that you will always get the best out of your visiting organists. Thanks once more and I hope to see you all again soon. Keep up the good work!