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It is sad how small the number of organ and keyboard clubs has become – but in Germany there are only two or three left. Unfortunately, we don’t think we will be able to make any more concert tours in the UK. We wish your club all the best for the future and send best regards to all of you.
Claudia Hirschfeld and Andreas Mautner, 5 July 2023,

Thank you for inviting me to your special 200th concert at the Weyhill Fairground Hall on 15 November 2018.  It was a privilege to attend and listen to the superb music by Nicholas Martin; a most enjoyable evening.  My grateful thanks to all concerned for making Beryl and me so welcome.
Cllr. Ian Carr MBE (Mayor of Test Valley 2018-19), 19 November 2018

We should like to thank the Club for inviting us and for the welcome extended to us when we attended the concert performed by the fabulous Chiho Sunamoto, supported by Jon Smith.  Weyhill Electronic Organ Society never fails to provide such great musical evenings, and we really enjoyed the occasion.
Cllr. Carl Borg-Neal and Maria Neal (Mayor and Mayoress of Test Valley 2017-18), 26 April 2018

The nomination of Weyhill Electronic Organ Society for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2017 represents a tremendous achievement for your organisation.  Everyone involved should feel immensely proud of the recognition that a nomination for this Award represents.  The work your group does for the community was very much admired by the Independent Assessment Committee.  We are pleased to recognise the value of your work and the significance of your nomination for this Award.
The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service Team, 25 May 2017

You have done so well to keep the show on the road for the last 15 years, giving enjoyment to thousands of people.
Best wishes. George Young, Rt Hon the Lord Young of Cookham, 2 June 2017

We would like to thank Weyhill Electronic Organ Society for their recent donation. Your contribution helps to ensure we can offer our carers the support they deserve.
Donna Stokes (Andover Young Carers), 19 April 2017

Thank you for inviting me to attend your concert at the Fairground Hall.  It was an honour to attend the occasion and such an enjoyable evening; Jean Martyn was most entertaining.  Please pass on my grateful thanks to all concerned for making me so welcome.
Cllr. Karen Hamilton (Mayor of Test Valley 2016-17), 20 October 2016

Good luck with WEOS – local people are lucky to have this fantastic resource available in the area.  
Best wishes, Sir George Young, Bt., 17 July 2015

What a delightful evening at the October WEOS concert, when I attended as Mayor of Test Valley.  Such a sparkling and entertaining concert.  ‘Well done’ to all concerned.
Cllr. Jan Lovell (Mayor of Test Valley 2014-15), 12 November 2014

It has been a real privilege as Mayor of Test Valley to attend such professional and varied concerts staged by the Club at The Lights in Andover.  My Consort and I have really enjoyed these special evenings.  Keep up the great work Terry and the Society in providing such great events for the local community.
Cllr. Dorothy Baverstock (Mayor of Test Valley 2012-13), 6 February 2013

Terry and his team colleagues organised a successful fund-raising event in the Chantry Centre for Andover Young Carers.   The joyous event raised £247 which will make a difference for the Charity.  If you can take time out please attend one of their concert evenings – you will meet the kindest and most generous people ever. 
Sandra Burch, 31 July 2012

As Mayor of Test Valley, it was a privilege for my wife and me to be invited to attend a concert staged by the Society at The Lights theatre.  The two lady guest artistes were outstanding musicians and were extremely modest when we met them both before and after the concert.  My general taste in music has been more ‘pop’ orientated, growing up in the age of The Beatles, etc., but I can honestly say that the evening was one of the most enjoyable experiences my wife and I had during our term of office.  Many thanks to Terry and his team for inviting us.  May the Society continue to go from strength to strength.
Cllr. Ian Hibberd (Mayor of Test Valley 2009-10), 8 October 2010

In 2003, in my capacity as Chief Officer of Age Concern (Andover & District), I joined with the Society in organising a very successful show at Cricklade Theatre (subsequently The Lights theatre).  This event realised over £1,000 for the Charity.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the Society’s concerts I have attended and was overwhelmed by one in particular – a concert staged at St Mary’s Church in Andover, featuring International Organist, Carol Williams – which was sponsored by the Society and produced the sum of £1,150 for my Mayoral charities.  I recently attended the Club’s 100th concert at Weyhill, which proved to be yet another successful evening.  The Society has a loyal group of supporters and attendances at Weyhill range in number from 120-150, whilst its concerts at The Lights attract in excess of 200.  The Club has an excellent reputation for its efficient organisation and for the quality of entertainment provided.
Cllr. Brian Page, MBE (Mayor of Test Valley 2008-09), 9 September 2010

The 100th WEOS concert  … and the fact that I’ve been asked to play for this special occasion is indeed an honour.  I’ll certainly do my best to provide a memorable night of music for the Society – which, to the best of my knowledge, is still the most recent electronic organ society to be established in the UK.  To see the Club doing so well is particularly pleasing in these times when so many other groups are struggling to survive.  The hard-working committee and team of volunteers must be praised for the work they do in promoting and selling the Society at every available opportunity and for providing first-class musical entertainment within a splendid atmosphere – and at a reasonable price.  What more could anyone wish?  Here’s to many more milestone concerts for the Club.  Every success for the future.
Nicholas Martin, 19 August 2010

Congratulations, Weyhill, on reaching your 100th concert!  I first came along just after you’d ‘fired the starting pistol’.  You ‘hit the ground running’ and it’s great to know you’re still ‘sprinting along’.   I’d like to ‘relay’ my very best wishes to you on your ‘Olympian’ success.  Here’s to the next 100! 
Penny Weedon, 19 August 2010

My performances for the Society are truly wonderful experiences.  The audiences and venues are superb and nothing is too much trouble for the committee and volunteers, who always make sure I am happy.  There is always a terrific atmosphere and the applause is long and loud … which says it all.  A very special relationship exists between us which makes return visits to the Club so enjoyable.  Congratulations on reaching your 100th concert and best wishes for your future success.   
Jean Martyn, 19 August 2010

Hello dear friends.  Congratulations on your 100th concert … what an achievement!  Weyhill Organ Society is one of the best clubs I play for in the UK and I will never forget the 2004 concert attended by the children from Belarus, visiting the UK courtesy of the Chernobyl Children Life Line charity.  Wishing you all the best and a great future – I can’t wait to play for the club again. Stay cool! 
DirkJan Ranzijn,19 August 2010

Congratulations on your success. You are a wonderful Society and deserve much good fortune. I have always enjoyed playing for you.
Dr. Carol Williams (San Diego Civic Organist), 19 August 2010

Delighted to send you a few words – amazing that it’s already eight years since you got under way.  Hope you have a great evening.  Congratulations and good wishes. 
Nigel Ogden(Presenter, ‘The Organist Entertains’, BBC Radio 2), 19 August 2010

Having conveyed a message to you on the occasion of your inaugural concert in 2002, I am especially pleased at your success throughout the following years.  I am proud to have the Society in my constituency and grateful that you have managed to build it up to its current strength.  It keeps alive a form of music which is part of our heritage, and which gives pleasure to thousands of people.  Best wishes for the future. 
Rt. Hon. Sir George Young, Bt, MP, 19 August 2010

I hope your next 100 concerts will be as good as the first 100 and that the Society will continue from strength to strength under its excellent management.  The talented players who have performed for you have brought much pleasure to all of your many supporters; Frances and I have certainly derived immense enjoyment from the concerts we have attended.  Congratulations on your achievements. 
Cllr. Chris Lynn, Mayor of Test Valley, 19 August 2010

What a pleasant surprise to hear from you and I’m of course delighted to have been the catalyst to your society.  Congratulations on your website and good luck with your endeavours.
Roberto Danova (Composer, ‘Angel In Blue’), 12 January 2010

Thank you for another terrific visit to Andover.  We had a great time.  Terry is a gem!  Take care – and enjoy your music.
Carol Williams (San Diego Civic Organist), 1 April 2009

My Consort and I have attended a couple of your excellent concerts during my Mayoral year. These have been memorable and enjoyable evenings, as well as raising a considerable amount of money for my local charities – a big ‘thank you’ to all at the Society for their support and kindness.  We wish you all well for the future.
Cllr. Pamela Mutton (Mayor of Test Valley 2007-08), 14 April 2008

Many thanks for giving Sheila and myself such a warm welcome at your Christmas Dinner.  It was a pleasure to play for you and to hear everyone joining in so enthusiastically – a real fun evening.
Colin Ford, 13 January 2008

The Mayoress and I would like to thank WEOS for their hospitality over the past year.  Every concert we attended was most enjoyable and entertaining.  The professional way in which the Society is run is most impressive and we also wish to thank Terry Trevett for the help he provided in organising a very successful event for my charity.  We wish the Society every success for the future.
Cllr. Jim Neal (Mayor of Test Valley 2006-07), 12 May 2007

Had a wonderful visit to perform a concert at St Mary’s Church, Andover.  Some coverage of the concert can be seen on my website,
Carol Williams (San Diego Civic Organist), 14 April 2007

Peter and I always enjoy our visits to WEOS and are delighted to see you going from strength to strength. ‘Well done’ to the committee.
Cllr. Pat West (Chairman, Hampshire County Council), 5 November 2006

On behalf of the members of the Andover VIPs (Visually Impaired Peoples) Club who attend the concerts at Weyhill, I would like to thank Terry and the committee very much for the kindness and hospitality they have shown us since the Society’s formation.  Locally, there is very little entertainment for poorly sighted or non-sighted people to enjoy, but the organ concerts are excellent and such a boon to the lives of our members. Not only do they derive much enjoyment from the monthly concerts but they also participate in the various social activities arranged by the Society.  Keep up the good work – and a massive ‘thank you’ on their behalf. 
Alan Kidgell, 10 April 2006

My own impromptu appearance for the Society was in January 2005, on the occasion of a concert featuring Penny Weedon – a tribute to Viennese music – when I was invited to sing some Viennese Heurigen songs (wine songs). The event was supported by the Anglo-Austrian Society who provided apple strudel and Austrian wines for our delectation!  Although I had never previously met Penny her great musicality made it possible to successfully blend her music with four of my songs, all completely unrehearsed.  The concert venue was full with an attentive and appreciative audience. Weyhill is obviously a thriving club, excellently managed and with concerts much enjoyed by all concerned.  I wish the Society continued success.
Liesl Muller (Anglo-Austrian Society), 6 April 2006

Nice to see a Club with initiative, dedication and enthusiasm – all adding up to success.  Long may you continue.
Margaret Falkner (OrganFax), 23 December 2005

I congratulate Terry Trevett on founding WEOS and, with his small team, putting on some great concerts.  I very much enjoyed attending one of the earlier ones and I know what pleasure they give to so many people. As the local MP, I am proud to have WEOS in my North West Hants constituency.
Sir George Young, Bt., MP, 21 December 2005

What is it they say? By hook or by crook I’ll be first in your book!”  There you are – I’ve christened your Guestbook.
Penny Weedon, 23 September 2005