Michael Wooldridge – 17 November 2005  
What a joy to play at Weyhill again.  What an absolute joy to play in such excellent surroundings for such a marvellous audience.  Congratulations to all the team for making every concert evening a special occasion.  Here’s to the next time! 

Claudia Hirschfeld – 20 October 2005   
I want to thank you for your friendliness, your hospitality and the way you organise everything so professionally!  Congratulations!  It was a special pleasure for me to perform for you within my UK-Tour 2005.  I immediately felt like a part of your club family … and I promise you I’ll be coming back.  Once again, thank you for everything.

Rebecca Cole – 15 September 2005  
Thank you for inviting me to perform for the Society once again.  As always, a superb welcome was awaiting me and the audience was most appreciative.  Keep up the good work.  I’ve had a super evening each time I have been with you all.  Thanks for your hospitality – and here’s to the next time!

Andrew Varley – 18 August 2005
Many thanks – if only all organ clubs were as well organised as you are! I love the new video camera system – it looks great.  All the best.

Tony Back – 21 July 2005 
A wonderful Club and wonderful people.  Thanks for making my night so special.

Kerry Stanton – 16 June 2006 
Thank you for such a warm welcome – it was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces after each piece of music.  I hope to come and see you all again.  

John Mann – 19 May 2005 
Well, here I am again … and enjoying myself very much!  What a splendid team and what a great audience.  Unfortunately, this will be my last visit – not exactly retiring but I am having to stop transporting the Eminent organ around.  Thank you for your hospitality and I hope you have many more years of music-making.

John Walker – 21 April 2005 
Thank you all for making me so very welcome.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this wonderful Society.  What a breath of fresh air it is to visit a club that aims to entertain members of the general public as well as hardened ‘organ nuts’!!  Long may your success continue and thank you again for making me so very welcome. It was a pleasure and privilege to be part of such a professionally staged evening.  I look forward to the next time!  All the best. 

David Thomas – 17 March 2005 
Thank you all for a wonderful night.  Great to be with you and I look forward to coming back any time.  All the very best.  

Tim Flint – 17 February 2005 
Great to see you all again. Thanks for a great welcome and super atmosphere!  Congratulations on developing into such a great society with excellent presentation.  Very best wishes.

Penny Weedon – 20 January 2005 
Thanks to all my friends at Weyhill for making the concert so wonderful for me.  I will treasure happy memories of my evenings with you.  Stay as lovely as you are – and I hope to see you again – don’t know where, don’t know when … 

Peter Hayward – 16 December 2004 
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas – and always ‘Happy Music’ ! 

Chiho Sunamoto – 18 November 2004 
What a fantastic night!  I loved the audience.  Thank you very much for a lovely time – I really enjoyed playing here.  I felt a very warm welcome and hope to see you again.  

Nicholas Martin – 21 October 2004 
After a stressful journey to Weyhill, I had a truly fabulous night – a memorable third visit!  The audience thoroughly deserved me !!!  ‘Well done’ to everyone concerned for  being such a splendid organ society.  Here’s to the next time!  

Brian Hazelby – 16 September 2004 
A great evening!  This is an excellent venue and well run by all the staff. 

Chris Powell – 19 August 2004 
Well, what can I say?  Fantastic!  So great to see such a full and enthusiastic crowd two years on.  It really is most uplifting to come across a ‘new’ society that has truly taken the organ world by storm in such a short space of time!   The Club is obviously going from strength to strength.  All best wishes for your continued success.  Thanks to all the audience and Committee for such a wonderful time tonight!  

Brett Wales – 15 July 2004 
To all my Weyhill friends – I really enjoyed your company once again – always warm and welcome.  Special thanks to the Committee who make a great effort.  

DirkJan Ranzijn – 17 June 2004 
Bon Giorno Amigos!  What a Club!  What an atmosphere!  Thank you so much for all your help – I felt very much at home.  Thank you for your applause.  Weyhill is one of the best clubs around because it is different, and that is what I like!!!  Keep up the good work – I’m looking forward to seeing you very soon.   Cool!  

Chris Stanbury – 20 May 2004 
Great to be asked back again!  As usual, a fantastic crowd – thanks so much for all your help.  Untll the the next time … !  

Simon Smith – 15 April 2004 
Congratulations on such an organised and friendly society.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  

David Last – 18 March 2004 
Thanks for a superb welcome from a first class organ society – friendly audience and Committee.  Great Atmosphere!  Hope to see you again one day.  

Byron Jones – 19 February 2004 
To my dear friends – many thanks to you all for a great evening – keep up the good work!  

Ryan Edwards – 15 January 2004  
It doesn’t get any better than this!  Many thanks for all your help.  I look forward to a return visit!  

Penny Weedon – 18 December 2003 
It was wonderful to share your Christmas concert with you.  Have a super New Year!  Baa … ck again, I hope!  

Andrew Varley – 20 November 2003 
Many thanks to a very ‘organised’ society!  Great venue and accoustics – and a very warm audience.  Hope to play for you again very soon.  

John Mann – 16 October 2003 
My first visit!  Thank you for making me so welcome.  We’ve had a wonderful evening of music and fun.  Wishing the Society manmy years of success.  

Brian Sharp – 18 September 2003 
Many thanks for a lovely night.  The hall is super.  Also, many thanks for all your help.  I look forward to my next visit.  

Mike Thomson – 21 August 2003 
Greatly enjoyed the experience, sharing the stage with Nicholas Martin … terrific venue, lovely audience and excellent piano.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  I’d happily play for WEOS again – if a nice grand piano could be provided!  With all best wishes for your continued success. 

Nicholas Martin – 21 August 2003 
The Cricklade Theatre, Andover certainly proved to be a wonderful venue – and a capacity crowd too!  Thanks for all your hard work in organising the evening – it couldn’t have gone better!  A truly splendid occasion in every respect. 

Michael Wooldridge – 17 July 2003 
What a tremendous pleasure to come to Weyhill – my first visit but, hopefully, the first of many!  You are a joy to play for.  

Tony Back – 19 June 2003 
Thanks so much for a superb audience participation concert.  You are all so appreciative – the best!  

Chris Stanbury – 15 May 2003 
Thanks so much for such a great welcome. 
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!  A great club – one of the best I’ve played so far.  

Rebecca Cole – 17 April 2003 
To all my new-found friends at Weyhill … my most grateful thanks to you all for making me so welcome and for taking the time and trouble to make my evening so special.  Well done for getting the venture ‘off the ground’.  A super society with excellent committee and willing volunteers.  Thank you so much for inviting me.  All good wishes for the future.  

Paul Roberts – 20 March 2003 
A most enjoyable way to spend an evening.  I wish you all continued success with this thriving venture.  

Tim Flint – 20 February 2003 
To all at Weyhill – keep up the good work!  Great team, great crowd.  

Brett Wales – 16 January 2003 
Many thanks for looking after me.  Keep up the great work!  Great club!  Excellent, warm audience!  

Chris Powell – 19 December 2002 
What a fantastic crowd!  All congratulations, compliments and good wishes to all at the Society – a truly great and thriving organisation for one so new!  Keep up the good work!  

Peter Hayward – 21 November 2002 
Your enthusiasm and love of music is matched and reflected in your friendship.  I wish you, as always – Happy Music!  

Janet Dowsett – 17 October 2002 
Lovely to be at a new and thriving society – good luck for the future!  

Jean Martyn – 19 September 2002 
Tonight has been so special.  Thank you for inviting me – everything was perfect.  The audience was superb, a caring team and wonderful hospitality shown on my arrival.  May you continue to succeed.  

Penny Weedon – 15 August 2002 
What a super audience!  You’re off to a ‘flying start’.  Thank you for a lovely warm welcome.  Keep it up – and all success for the future.  

Nicholas Martin – 18 July 2002 
My grateful thanks for your tremendous hospitality and an extremely pleasing atmosphere.  Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was so friendly.  Every success for the future – I certainly look forward to a ‘triumphant’ return!